Stop Pretending.

In a time where impressions are made up fresh, often and spontaneously online through social media. There has never been a time so concerned with self improvement, self image and projection. Navigating life in an honest down to earth fashion while being comfortable with who we are has never been harder. Competing with the Jones’s is now almost a job in itself. On the Fringe of society where how you shape up doesn’t matter and who you are doesn’t need to be fixed is sense of calm and acceptance. Stop chasing happiness and pretending your OK, be who you are whatever that maybe and experience being mellow. Fringe Mellow represents the rawness of human nature with its flaws and its beauty.

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Fringe Mellow music opens the discussion on mental health and taking ownership of our impact and appreciating the unknown. Fringe Mellow is music worth actively listening to. Lyrics that can be both appreciated in a spoken word form or through musical production. Fringe Mellow is the kind of music you might enjoy upon reflection. Ponder life and your feelings and realise you are not alone!

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About Us.

Henry and Lance have written songs together for close to 15 years whilst hanging out as friends, sharing perspectives and making music. Their first release together was in 2007 and was titled “Zelus – High Knights” this was followed up by another release to wrap up a series of work in 2018 titled “Zelus – High Knights 2.0.” Through these formative years they have performed both festivals & intimate settings expressing their musical and lyrical craft.
Audiences have appreciated the deeper lyrics and groove of the music as an art form that resonates on many levels. In 2018 Henry & Lance embarked on a creative journey of producing songs and lyrics together on a weekly basis. This was highlighted through a podcast Lance created called “Indigo Knights.” Each week they would get together and make a song on the spot which would later be reflected upon through the podcast. The vision, concept & composition was inspired and executed on the day. This led to an accumulation of many entertaining titles later to be revisited and mastered. Fringe Mellow aims to release music from this period through to today with monthly instalments online.

Sunshine Coast Local Music

Fringe Mellow are an Australian music group from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. We have produced a community website for our peers on the Sunshine Coast. We believe pushing music needs to be a group effort. We want you to find a place where you can discover more about our local music culture in a non bias and non commercial way. visit

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