Fringe Mellow
Done Overthinking

Lyrics written & performed for Fringe Mellow by Lance Halls, Produced by Henry Glover. Copyright 2020

Released: 21/08/2020

'Done Overthinking' Song Description

“A reflection of thoughts upon a murky pond.”

Ever wondered what life’s supposed meaning is and where you fit among it all?. This song represents the minds voice reflecting on the nuances of life, our purpose and what we make of it all. Its a calm monologue discussing the importance of fitting in and going with the flow. This song says “I’m not better, I’m different and I’m OK with that.” Although parts of this song are catchy and rhythmic this song is more an expression of art rather than an example of a typical songwriting format. Done Overthinking exhibits a spoken-word like rap over a mesmerising instrumental.

Done Overthinking Lyrics

Verse 01

We’re all running around
no time to take breath
gotta go get inline
get dressed get accepted
processed then we worry
with our own self assessment.

what do I spend my life
interested in, will it weigh me down?
Doing my own thing
does it make me look like
a lazy clown
trained to astound
but most won’t notice.

From all my focus
from what looks like muddy ground
comes a floating lotus
but most wont notice
and it sees the day for a moment
and gets washed away
life is water
I’m a block of clay.


What do I mean to you?
Is meaning what we’re after?
Am I completing a page
contained in a chapter? a story
that won’t ever matter
wont ever form.
Is it working right for you
why I been born? 
From the middle of this page it gets torn.
Thrown away, withdrawn.

A lot of things I say are just
to play with the nature of things.
They don’t need to stick.
But when people make a splash
it seems everybody notices. 
Dry bits of themselves bits of brick
landing in the water where I sit.
I gotta build myself around them.
Its like they wont ever shift.

What I make of all of this
I try to make it fun.
I don’t care if its already been done.
I’m done with getting ready to run.
I’m not the gunk to fill in gaps.
I’m the one that’s ready to catch.
But id rather change it
than throw the same thing back.
I’m not better I’m different
and I’m OK with that.

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