Released: 26/06/2020

'Our Brand' Song Description

When the going gets tough should the tough get going? -

This song is about sticking it out! There is nothing wrong with being wrong, its sad, true and its real. Sometimes it’s a struggle to be normal and who you believe your relationship deserves. Our Brand is about acknowledging your feelings, confusion and admitting defeat. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, sometimes its you sometimes its not. The only person you can speak for in a relationship is you. This song is a confession about a lack of pride and a sense of tiredness around meeting life’s expectations and rising up to be the man you want to put forward or be the person you believe your family deserves.

Our Brand Lyrics

Lyrics written & performed by Lance Halls, Music by Henry Glover for Fringe Mellow
copyright 2020.

Verse 01
I work hard I got a tired face,
used up my drive in the car today,
and I know I don’t look happy,
I’m not saying don’t look at me,
some nights my lights not on
an a spark is missing.
In the dark I’m sitting
reminiscent of a time when I was last emitting a glow,
I haven’t been the man you know lately.
I attest to that.
Showing it greatly, I’m not the best at that.
What I’m saying about where I’m at,
I might not make it apparent or wear the hat.
I’ll find my way back looking even where its black.
Wait for me no matter how lost I am I still love ya back.
I got the plan.
some post it daily on Instagram,
Who’s the man?
How’s the house? Beautiful fam,
so much gratefulness in large amounts.
An I give a damn, I been about.
I become rather bland as I’m thinning out!
And I don’t do this act like I’m all in bliss,
bounce back like a contortionist.
Forge forward caution less.
But, I know what fortune is.

I Know what fortune is and I’m fortunate.
I love our brand just lately I haven’t been endorsing it.

Verse 02
People like us need a date night,
but we’re in each others way in the day light.
I got nothing to say like,
its not you its me.
I cant paint the picture you choose to see,
when you blame yourself you’re confusing me.
An I don’t see your point your accusing me.
Now I’m lying in bed wondering why I said
the wrong thing my face is red
I never meant to make this bed a place to dread
when I lay my head the only thing that’s on my mind
is hopes that we can rewind
I wanna shake it off
I’m a ghost I take the blanket off
this costume has come at a cost
I’ve lost you through being lost
when you don’t need a hand you don’t cut one off
in the middle so I cant be croped
its a riddle an I search for the solution
a murky mixture a quirky elixir
our chemistry a fixer
leave it out an it can be the host to corrosion
when you no longer need and encrypter
you need an explosion.
I’m being open about being broken.


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