Fringe Mellow
I'm Not Losing Face

Lyrics written & performed for Fringe Mellow
by Lance Halls. Music & Production by Henry Glover copyright 2021.

Released: 02/07/2021

'I'm Not Losing Face'

How is your work/life balance? Are you losing face with what matters?

This song confronts our commitments and challenges there importance in our life. This song suggests we may be losing face with our friends when we don’t have time for them due to work commitments and keeping up with life’s demands.

I'm Not Losing Face

Verse 01

Spend everyday
Maintaining the norm
Hours they get added up and hit me like a swarm
They make a deposit
I become more withdrawn
We structure every moment to reform
In the web of what is happening It’s easy to get caught
Catch me outta nowhere I instantly retort
I’m racing back and fourth
As if it were a sport
It’s not about the court
You better focus on the score
I can’t do it anymore
I’m done
I look up at the skyline, sitting on the side line
When they ask if I’m fine, I’m good
But it’s my time that is finite
And if I like I could
Pass on the gold make do and touch wood
Throw in the paper an pick up the towel
This time I’m done clockin’ in
I’m clockin’ out


I’m not losing face
Keeping up with the pace

I’m not losing face
Keeping up with the pace

Verse 02

Not available, not today
Quite happy if I don’t get paid
It’s one life one day at a time
While I stay on the grind
I got collections of the collateral kind
I got literal connections that are falling behind
A narrative that’s not comparative to where I’m from
When I write the story I become
A fraction of none
No mention I could start again
New direction
Redefine what I need to find
Set a different goal
Find another soul
See some eye to eye
I’m in debt to the times I’ll never forget
I need to cash a reality check that won’t bounce
An old friend callin’ up unannounced
Could he shout a brew?
I hung up on the moment
Said dude whatever suits
Right here right now
Givin’ life to the livin’
Makin’ life worth livin’


I’m not losing face
Keeping up with the pace

I’m not losing face
Keeping up with the pace

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