The Complete Discography of
Fringe Mellow Music

Henry Glover & Lance Halls began making music together in 2005 working towards a release for 2007. Together they applied for a government grant to support the release of the album titled High Knights. At the time Lance would perform using the stage name ‘Zelus’ and as this album was originally designed to be a solo project featuring Henry Glover on production and other guest musicians it was released using Lance’s stage name as ‘Zelus’.

Since the release of the first album Henry & Lance decided to release the rest of the music made around that time in 2018 choosing to release this music using the same artist name to keep the collection together.

The High Knights Collection​

The High Knights  2 part collection is a showcase of material produced and performed by Lance Halls & Henry Glover Between 2006 – 2014. During this time Henry and Lance collaborated with many artists and performed under the High Knights banner.  Due to lifestyle changes this period came to an end. We celebrated by releasing our unreleased gems in 2018 wrapping up the High Knights saga. 

Zelus – High Knights​

Lance & Henry received a RADF grant to produce this in 2007. Local Sunshine Coast rap artist “focus” attributes a guest verse and this album and the album also features many additional compositions by Josie Cubis on vocals and guitar.​

Zelus – High Knights 2.0 / Knight Shift​

Part 2 of the High Knights series released digitally in 2018. This contains previously unreleased masters that had been recorded and performed since the release of the first album. Also featuring on this album is “focus” with one guest verse along side popular Brisbane rap artist “Rainman” on a track. Molly Apirana appears across multiple tracks delivering vocals in her own signature way.​

Zelus – High Knights 2.0 (2018)

Track Listing

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04. Devil’s Princess Ft. Molly Apirana
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05. More We Can Do Ft. Rainman, Focus, Molly Apirana Read More Here >
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