Fringe Mellow
Never My Call

Lyrics written & performed for Fringe Mellow by Lance Halls, Produced by Henry Glover.  Copyright 2020

Released: 31/07/2020

A message from the Author

We talked about what it means to “have that right thing for you.” From the outside looking in we can often gather a good idea of what might be good for someone we care about. I don’t think it’s a negative thing, it’s just something we tend to do. Kind of like looking out for someone. Sometimes we are so hung on fixing other peoples dilemmas that it becomes an issue for ourselves. In this case perhaps it’s better to let it go and acknowledge that it’s not your call.

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'Never My Call' Song Description

“Never my call” is about the fallacy of thinking we know what it is that some else needs to hear.

How many times have I given you advice and you haven’t taken it? Being the right person for someone is different to having the right answers for someone. Lets say by chance you do have the ideas and beliefs someone needs to hear, are they going to want to hear it from you? Never my call refers to a “calling” an individual receives in life. Often in relationships we become so immersed in each others stories and journey that we can’t help ourselves putting in our 2 cents. Never my call says drop it and move on, sometimes its the things you don’t say that can save a friendship.

Never My Call Lyrics

Verse 01

I was seeing it all in neon lights.

We spoke all night, spirt on ice.

It was working out, I felt the vibe.

Woke up next minuet I felt alive.

The whole earth spinning,

I took the ride. An never looked back.

I took the prize. 

It felt so good it couldn’t be wrong.

we were so well put, it wouldn’t be long.

Till we gave each other that special gift.

Thinking as one an incredible fit.

You did for me what I did for your and

together we lived. 



How many times have I called you,

and you won’t call me back.

I got that right thing for you.

Why can’t you come and see.

Cause I keep falling,

Holding onto what you need.

I should have dropped it all. 

This was never my call.


Verse 02

I thank god we have love.

Cause together we can never have all the


I made mistakes, I thought for you.

You made some too, I tried to play in the

same damn court as you.

But we’re not the same.

Change comes we support maintain and


into something new.

I was on your case.

You didn’t want it to come from me,

cause you love my face.

No not from me you can’t take it.

The truth is harsh,

and this house is sacred.

I had the right thing for you.

I wanted to believe but I haven’t got a clue.




Repeat Verse 01

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