Fringe Mellow

Lyrics written & performed for Fringe Mellow by Lance Halls, Music by Henry Glover. Copywrite 2021

Released: 19/03/2021


Shadows is a song about how we strive to fit in and reject what's incorrect.

Is it better to be quiet or to talk openly about our vulnerabilities and our incorrect nature and views? Do we create an audience for ourselves online of likeminded people banding together to no longer tolerate people that don’t have this like-mindedness?. This song says we stand behind each other when we share the same views but when someone has a different view do we stand by them then?


Verse 01
Lead me back to the day
when things were more reliable
trends undeniable
friends that wern’t backing my rival
back when I never stressed my survival.
What happened to faith? Its not just for the bible.
Now if I wanna wet my feet
its either in or out like its tidle
for or against someone is liable.
When I just wanna dable its no longer what I say
but its how I play scrabble
its how it connects
the next man wonders how its correct
we debate without the respect
what comes between us is stuff that gets said
if I don’t speak you cant take me to the cleaners
what are you waiting for, if I slip
your looking for a place to point your fingers.
If we could all relate, whats the cost?
Its all rock solid
how can I make you move
when theres to much weight and your not botherd.

I wanna know why,
we gonna drop like a domino
time after time.
why am I alone,
when I step outta line.
We just a shadow of each other
when the sun gonna shine.

Verse 02

My perspective
am i for or against?
Where do I get this?
Where does it end?
To suggest this
is ignorance.
Stand up or lie down
its you or me and we gonna find out.
Then you go and leave.
Am I fine now?
Am I ok? Mentally well?
When you go away and I question myself.
Is life more than just a lesson itself
do I have to get taught
about every step that I walk
breath that I breath
every thought some subject
I believe
Im not commited I object I retreive
there is so much Im fed I don’t wanna feed
I don’t wanna know you
you don’t wanna know me.
Request a new friend cause theres more in the sea
less about them and more about me.
We just a shadow of eachother
but whose got the lead?


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