Fringe Mellow
When You Leave Me Alone

Lyrics written & performed for Fringe Mellow by Lance Halls, Produced by Henry Glover. Remix Instrumental Music and arrangement by Brutha fresh & The Dark Man Copywrite 2020


Original Mix: 11/12/2020 Remix: 18/12/2020

'When You Leave Me Alone'

Ever feel as though you don’t know where you stand with someone once they have left your side?

When You Leave Me Alone is an anxious expression of insecurity you might feel when you no longer trust your own thoughts about where you stand with someone. This song is kind of about the feeling you might get when you are being ghosted.

When You Leave Me Alone

Verse 01
Our chemistry is lit we can live forever
You got me convinced I admit that its clever
When you do that trick I’m sold
feeling like I’m nine years old
on the line the font is bold
I’m hearing clear like I been told
but the time has come
and I’m aging a million
somethings wrong pages are missing
I’m putting pieces together
that makes you reptilian
I’m jumping the gun
I’m not making sense
I’m not getting your signal
my receivers bent
I can smell your scent
although its gone stale
I cant make the wind that sets your sail
I just wanna relate and your miles away
when you leave me alone I just wanna escape

when you leave me alone
the lights go out
when you leave me alone
and I cant reach you.

Verse 02
When you leave me alone
I just wanna escape
you put up a wall I pick at the paint
it’s not sitting right is it something I ate
my reflection is pain am I in your way
am I what you wanted?
Ghosts on the brain
the way I’m living is haunted
I just wanted to get through
giving up when nothing will do
whats eerie is a wonderful truth
whats near me well reminds me of you
a feast for the mind like I’ve had a skin full
you caught me off guard like I’ve had the pin pulled
and how’d you do it?
I can smell your scent, its gone stale
I can taste the wine on the tip of my tongue
I can’t get the message that its all done.


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