Fringe Mellow
Who Am I

Lyrics written & performed for Fringe Mellow by Lance Halls, Produced by Henry Glover. Copyright 2020.

Released: 16/10/2020

'Who Am I' Song Description

Do you ever feel underappreciated?

Everybody has some sort of desire to be acknowledged even for the little things we do for each other. This is a love song saying don’t overlook what we have right here. Although it might seem light weight and is what we have everyday, it’s beautiful none the less. Are we here to make an impact or are we here to comfort one another while the world makes an impact?

Who Am I lyrics

Verse 01

Hey look at me like I look at you
this realm is our living room
don’t look around
I’m in front of you
and loving you and I’ve always been down
for the cause, what use are metaphors
don’t wanna confuse you with a war of words
were infused in each others worlds
leaving dirt for the pearls
in the future
words to understand
we don’t need no upper hand
an I wont be underhanded
don’t see it as second nature as we grow
I want every act known
see me as your own
don’t want this pact blown
as we lounge together into later on.

Who am I,
I’m calling out.
I’m not cutting through,
I’m not nothing new.
I wanna be seen.


Verse 02

I wanna play games
when you play boss
I’ll be the dog when you give the bone a toss
I’m a frog an I’m getting what bugs you
I’m not below or above you
I wanna be seen
if I’m doing the job I’m gonna be green
know what I mean
before you move onto the next thing
I know the strength of power that stress brings
loud noises then you your ears ring
I want you to hear me sing but I’m just an octave
just a number
not a present not a wonder
doing a job
getting it done
being that forgettable
just anyone.


Verse 03
Days roll by what do they mean?
Put me up front or back,
just not in between.
I’m not the bad smell.
I’m the cheese.
Lets talk about the walk,
hows your knees?
Whats happening?
Cause I wanna help.
Be that someone else,
what’s the point of my face
being on your shelf?
What do we try to portray?
the merit I’m not trying pry away.
I think we inherit the question,
on this brighter day.
Why make it hard the lesson,
together we can find a way. 

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