Fringe Mellow
You Don't Need To Listen

Lyrics written & performed for Fringe Mellow
by Lance Halls. Music by Henry Glover copyright 2021.
Live Recorded Strings courteous of River Street Orchestra

Released: 23/04/2021

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'You Don't Need To Listen'

‘You Don’t Need to Listen’ celebrates having a choice. The reality is the majority of us have choices around the information we consume.

This release is Fringe Mellows first collaboration with River Suite Orchestra. It was always a dream of Henry’s (FM Producer) to have one of his productions transcribed into a live strings arrangement. Inspired by early dance classics “Soul II Soul” and the likes of “Yo Yo Honey” and combining this with the likes of Moby & The Streets the River Suite Orchestra without a doubt enhances the production of the Fringe Mellow sound and compliments the emotion of the lyrics. The pressures of lock down in 2020 really inspired lance (singer/songwriter) to contemplate the information he was taking in, resulting in the conversation that this song presents.

You Don't Need To Listen

Verse 01
Maybe you’ve heard it
Are you feelin’ scared and oh so nervous
It’s playin’ on a loop you wanna cut the circuit
It’s doing you no service, you
Know you’re worth it
To feel the sun
Here’s to feeling young
Just want to be someone
That’s being nurtured
And when you’re digging deep
You know that you can leave it there
So it won’t reach the surface
Never let it bleach
The colour that you see
Believe in its purpose
Living in a sea
Of other peoples dreams and curses
Just know when you close your eyes you’re
Never worthless

You don’t need to listen to the pieces of the story
you don’t want to, if it’s not you. x2

Verse 02

You open up my door, say you’ll open up my mind
Why you be so kind?
To take away my piece of mind
Tell me what to do as if I haven’t got a clue
I see it in your eyes and lips as they move
You’re only human
Following the tracks never stoppin’ to relax
It’s all confusing
A part of the pack that’s apart of the act
You feel apart of the choosin’
Leave me alone, far up the back
I’m knowing that I’m never losing
I don’t think about it
When you come with your rain
Remember that we’re not the same
I don’t get so clouded


You don’t need to listen to the pieces of the story
you don’t want to, if it’s not you. X2

People out there shouting
with their hope and with their doubting
you can leave it there.
Don’t need to be aware.

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